Nadya Kutyreva

About Me

I like art, science and techological progress. I’ve chosen architecture because they meet and mix in it.

Professional interests: wooden architecture, ergonomics, parametric and generative design, contemporary design, history of design, sustainability.
I like working with wood, because it is very warm, humane and expressionistic material.
My artistic dream is to design a house, where everything from architecture to furniture will be created by myself.

I've graduated from South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia) in 2008.
Architectural faculty, department of Architectural Environmental Design,
degree of a specialist.

independent designer since 2004
art-director of Art Group Design-Cafe from 2008 to 2012
I live in San Francisco, CA.

Art code

I create space for living and working. Considered layout is the base, which organizes the living in an interior.

Interior isn’t an album with pictures and blueprints and not a building site. It is comfortable and attractive environment for your family. It is everything that is surrounded by walls, and what is outside them as well.

Design is a tool for practical solution of a given task. And do not accept design for design as a functionalist.

Public projects

I can talk hours about architecture, design, and projecting process. In that way I am doing a few projects to develop the architectural community in Chelyabinsk. My friends help me in those activities.

Design Desant, 2015

Design Desant is a pop-up exhibition of a Club of Industrial Designers. It is a collaboration of designers across Russia. CID advocates independent and local designers. In Chelyabinsk we hosted and prepared a space for the exhibition of CID members and designers from Chelyabinsk region, lecture series, community events and tours to local design workshops. The main event, an exhibition night, were visited by 400+ guests.

Gravity, 2015

In 2015 Feelmore and I organized an educational project Gravity about computational design. 35 participants have explored minimal surfaces physically and digitally for 4-day workshop and lectures. As a result, five teams presented their solutions for a design task — art installation.

Architectural Festival “Svoe mesto”

In 2010 10’06 Gallery and I organized an architectural festival. We chose Russian Constructivism as the main theme. It was almost forgotten in it's motherland, though it influenced worldwide architecture greatly. 100 participants built 10 installations during 2 festival days and demonstrated them to the citizens. Our festival was attended by about 1,000 people.

Architectural festival GORODA in the Altai, 2009

In 2009 in the Altai there was a big architectural event — the festival “Goroda”. My team made a picturesque cabin above water for meditation and rest. We called it Nesthouse. It was built of the materials, which we found in the forest only (we used fallen trees as stub posts). We won a prize in the nomination "the most photogenic object" and we got to the short-list of Archiwood prize 2009.

ArchBikeCity — bicycle sightseeing trips

This project appeared as regular event of DIY festival “Delai Sam” — a marathon of citizens' initiatives. At the first excursion I told about common history of architecture of our city and about industrial architecture at the second one. At the latter festival in spring of '13 we looked at old wooden architecture.


During the seasons 2010-2012 I was giving lectures about design, architecture and interior designer’s work in 10’06 Gallery, also I made a few lectures about art. In 2012 I had a talk at the Ural Web-Developers Conference about my favorite topic “Design and society”.